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Jim Mazzulla brings over 30 years of ministry experience as a Pastor, Teacher,
Outreach Ministry and Missionary. His work has involved two pastorates and
missionary work in India and Africa.  He loves to help people and has a
passion for creating healthy churches.

Jim is a pioneer in ministry and has started various ministries
including www.biblefood.org and www.christianpoolplayers.com
  He believes in going where the people are, and this has brought him
to places others who are too religious (like the Pharisees) would never consider going,
our modern day "publicans and sinners".

He is happily married to Joyce. Jim enjoys cycling, billiards and chess,
but more than anything else he enjoys fellowship with other Christians,
and ministering hope to those who are lost.

Many of our ministries "Online Audio Messages" are here just click this link.


Learn more about Go Proclaim Ministries (or GPM), but even more  importantly you will learn about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

From here you will be able to go to the 4 area's of ministry that make up GPM.  You will find many valuable biblical teachings, words of encouragement, help for the hurting, backslidden, or those who do not know Jesus (and how we can help), also links to prayer sites, and other great bible tools and helpful links to other ministries.


   May this spiritual journey, be one that God blesses!


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Started in 1998, this FREE weekly e-mail devotional goes to thousands of members around the world.   At our site you will  have access to over 50 practical devotionals, and MANY other Christian materials for your walk with God.  

                                      Are you a HUNGRY Christian, then www.BIBLEFOOD.ORG  is the place to go.

To view our latest BibleFood devotions go to

Jim's devotional blog



Started in 2001 - This was inspired by Jim trying to minister and help co-workers at a job. Then he saw the need for this ministry over the internet.  This ministry is an outreach to the lost, bound, backslidden, and hurting, as well as the unsaved. www.biblefood.org/godwillhelpyou.html



Started in June 2002 as a network for Christian pool players.  We have grown to 35 states, and have representatives in many countries around the world.


The purpose is two-fold:

1.   To build a network of Christian pool players who can fellowship with one another. 

      The goal being to encourage and strengthen each other in the LORD.


2.   To reach out to the many in the world of pool/billiards who do not know Jesus  

      Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Using pool as the common ground for friendship

      evangelism, with the ultimate goal of changed lives by leading them to a relationship

      with Jesus Christ.    Website: www.christianpoolplayers.com


Thank you for visiting, and have a Jesus blessed day!

Jim Mazzulla, Founder of  Go Proclaim Ministries   
Minister of the Good News of Jesus Christ

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